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Our choreographers have years of experience in various styles of dance and training, both group and personal. We will pair you with a trainer whose style and personality best suit you and your dancing goals.

Mariya Zasheva

Mariya is an enthusiastic dancer/instructor who started dancing at the age of 6 at the local ensemble in her hometown, Pavel bania, where over 120 children rehears on weekly basis as part of the Bulgarian Folklore Dance Ensemble ”Detelini”. Subsequently, Mariya graduated from high school with honours in Choreography and Dancing. Over the past 30 years, Mariya was fully immersed in dancing, fulfilling various roles: dancer, instructor, and a role model for many, who dedicate their leisure time to dancing and embracing culture in all its forms. Today, while enfolding her career as a Probation Officer, she continues to establish herself in the field of dancing by teaching Bulgarian folklore dances to children and adults from 5 to 65 years old. Besides being a lead choreographer of Dance Ensemble “Izvor” in Detroit, USA, Mariya is now a proud founder and a choreographer of Group for Bulgarian Folklore Dances “Golden Thrace” in Toronto, Canada, where she tirelessly and with immense dedication teaches 25 children and nearly 30 adults.

Mihail Kochankov

Mihail was born in the city of Plovdv, one of the cultural centers of Bulgaria. He started dancing Bulgarian folklore dances at the age of six, and he was taught by some of the most respected and well-known figures in the field at the time. Mihail’s talent and dedication fast-tracked him to a professional level of dancing, where he established himself as a leader and a role model for many children and adults who wanted to follow his footprints to being a successful dancer who travels the world, wins numerous competitions and promotes Bulgarian culture and traditions at their best. Mihail is now a choreographer of Dance Ensemble “Izvor” in Detroit as well as founder and choreographer of his own group for Bulgarian Folklore Dances “Golden Thrace”, Toronto, Canada. He now teaches folklore dancing to over80 people from all group ages and sets an example for many, who admire not only his dancing skills, but also his commitment to spread his knowledge and serve others.

Nia Dimitrov